Why is Software Always Broken - Part 1

Something that I have been recently thinking a lot about is how bad software appears to be in recent times. You can’t seem to go through a day without running into something that doesn’t work as you would expect or worse, just not work at all. If you start to search the web you will see others that others have also started thinking about this same phenomena in recent years. I’ve watched a handful of YouTube videos in the past few weeks, that are all eluding the same thing. If you search for them, I’m sure you will find many. An example of one that I recently watched is from Jonathan Blow. His premise is basically that we have lost the understanding of the roots of development due to abstractions, and that this is something that has occurred over time for millennia with different domains, such as during the bronze age. Its an interesting talk and I see where he is coming from and I think he has some points that are valid, but he does come off as a bit of an alarmist, at least to me.

So as time permits, and I really have no schedule, I wanted to push out some posts on this topic. What I think is happening (again just my own opinions) and what I think are ways forward. I don’t believe this is an Kobayshi Maru scenario that Jonathan seems to think, but it is a problem, one that is solvable.

Until the next blog, don’t talk about it…

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